USEmergAlerts June 1st Changes Effective: UPDATES

Emergency Incident Notifications for PA

USEmergAlerts June 1st Changes Effective: UPDATES

June 1, 2022 Incident Notification 0

ATTN UEA Subscribers,

USEmergAlerts has been in Existance since October of 2010. 12 Long and tireing Years we have maintained operations as the Largest Not-For-Profit, Free Incident Reporting Agency. It is with the help of our dispatchers, and support of our subscribers, that we have been able to maintain all that is UEA .

With that being said, today is a very sad day for me. My current life, and calling on life is in Ministry, and I have to follow where the Lord leads. I will be leaving soon to The Salvation Army College for Officer Training School(Seminary) where over the next 2 years, I will officially be ordained as a Minister. Due to this, I can no longer maintain operations of USEmergAlerts. I am however happy that we have an Administrative team that can step up to the plate, and continue the backend operations of USEmergAlerts. There have been some changes to the Admin list and roles/responsabilities. Please review those changes below.

These were the effective as if 12:00am this morning, June 1st, 2022.

Admin List, Role, and Details:

Thomas Perez – Chief Executive Officer/Owner of UEA – UEA00

  • Maintain the backend operations of UEA (example) CAD, Website, E-Mails, Hotline, GHroupme Chanels, Zello Chanels etc…
  • Recieve reports for the Chief of Operations
  • Back up the Admin team when needed.
  • Give suggestions, and ideas for the greater good.
  • Maintain Accoutability for Dispatchers/Admins meaning, No dispatcher or Admin is removed without consulting with me first, and me giving the Blessing to do so.

Don Montgomery – Chief of Operations – UEA01

  • Maintain overall operations of USEmergAlerts, NIN, and All Outlets.
  • Direct point of contact and communication with Affiliates.
  • Handles any and all issues with affiliates.
  • Point of contact, and liason with social media outlets.
  • Handle, coordinate, facilitate, and midgate everything that is USEmergAlerts.
  • Report weekly to UEA00 with updates on the status of USEmergAlerts, any Issues, or questions.
  • Ensure all Dispatchers are being treated fairly, and respectfully.
  • Ensure all Admins maintain their Positions, roles, and responsabilities.
  • MAKE THE HARD DESCISIONS, and make them for the better good of UEA.
  • Deal with the headaches of running UEA’s operations and do so in a professional manor esepcially when dealing with Dispatchers, Trainees, Subscribers, Affiliates, and social media followers.
  • Maintain the SOP’s and ensure the are up to date.
  • Ensuire that for every single incident type, that there is an SOP logged for it. Every change in incident type, an E-mail must be send to all dispatchers with the new incident type, as well as the SOP for that specific incident type.
  • Coordinate Solocitation of donations for CAD Support Payments.
  • Ensure the CAD is paid for monthly.
  • Ensure the Domain fees are paid yearly.

Louie Maringconz – Director of Dispatch Operations – UEA02

  • 2nd in Command and Direct Supervisor of all Dispatchers.
  • Ensure Dispatch Support inquaries are handled.
  • Prepare Month End Stats report and E-Mail Support
  • Incident Alerts and reports any QA issues to the QA Manager
  • In the Absence of UEA01, take over all his Responsabilities.

Mike Metheny – Lead Admin – UEA03

  • Direct point of contact for all Admins
  • Any Admin issues whatsoever are to be sent to Mike and Mike is to mitigate the issue.

Sam Moss – QA Manager/PIO Liason for UEA/EC911 – UEA04

  • Will hand any and all QA issues for Dispatchers, as well as Trainees
  • Any QA Issues are to be copied, and pasted into an E-Mail to the QA Department

John Gardner – Community Relations Officer/CAD Support Manager – UEA05

  • Maintain the Facebook pages and Groups reviewing comments, and responding accordingly to posts as needed.
  • Will delete any posts that are negative, damaging, or false(Only after reaching out to the person who posted it if possible)
  • Maintain the Twitter Accounts
  • Handle all CAD Support and E-Mail Support Inquaries with the assistance of UEA02 until you get into the swing of things
  • Handle Dispatcher Appplications under the Guidance of UEA02 until you fully get into the swing of things.

Lance Lustig – CAD Dispatch Supervisor – UEA06

  • Monitor the GroupMe, and when possible, Zello for Alerts that are in need of being paged.
  • Monitor the Text Messages, and E-Mails that are send when a Trainee sends an alert.
  • Review the alerts, and either Page, or ask the trainee for further infomration. If further details can not be obtained becasue the trainee does not respond, the alert does not get paged.
  • This position will be assisted by other admins, but it is however your duty when logged on to handle.

I would again Like to Welcome Lance Lustig as UEA06 Dispatch Supervisor. [email protected]

I would also like to Welcome Mr Samual Moss back to the Admin Team. He will be UEA04 and the QA Manager/PIO. [email protected]

USEmergAlerts is a 100%FREE Service provided 100% by Volunteers. Without your support, we would not be able to serve you. Please consider a Donation to assist us with out monthly CAD Operating Costs, Hosting, and Yearly Domain fees. you can Donate via PayPal at the link below where you can do a one time, or monthly reacurring donation.

Although I am not running UEA anymore, I am still the CEO and owner. Even though I wont be anywhere near active like I used to, I will still be involved. I thank you all for your support over the years. The Dispatchers are the Lifefource of USEmergAlerts, EC911, EAlertsPA, and NIN as a whole. Without them, we would have nothing, but without you, we would be doing this for nothing, so we thank you for your support of our services to you.

Take care, and God Bless!

Thomas Perez – UEA00, CEO USEmergAlerts